Helping something grow oftentimes helps grow you. Ask any parent, “who grew more in the first few years of your child’s life?” Many may shock you by saying they did. Though their little one out grew diapers and shoes with lightning speed the spiritual and emotional journey of nurturing a child can be transforming. This is true for our walk with Christ as well. Our culture tends to have a “me” focus and we don’t realize that there is no greater blessing for “me” than when I start pouring into someone else. In fact, this is the chief function of a five fold minister, to equip the saints for the work of God (Ephesians 4). Unfortunately, many “ministers” in our culture are more concerned with keeping people in the seats than introducing and preparing the people for the work of God. A minister’s job is to train you up and hand you a sword not keep you nursing in infancy. Infancy, while it will keep you dependent, can not make you useful. So, if you are feeling less than excited about your walk with Christ maybe it’s that you are seeing little use. Look for ways to be used by God and I think for many of you the blood will start flowing in your heart once more.


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