The Good Old Days

I hear many wishing that the church was back to “the way it used to be”. What church are they referring too? The one who wanted to control everything in one’s life? The one who wasn’t strong enough to push for the abolishment of slavery sooner? The one who (at least in part) supported segregation in America? Perhaps they mean the Catholic Church who literally burned Protestants at the stake during the reformation.
You see the church has never had the “good old days”. It is true that according to the polls America has gotten less and less Christian over the last 100 years but our culture has changed too. I suspect that we were always far less Christian than we thought we were but everyone was so good at hiding it. Now, people simply don’t care that they aren’t titled as Christian. Before, sin was many times kept in secret now it is flagrant and open. This isn’t always a bad thing; For in the light it can be exposed and dealt with. I’m not meaning to say that the contemporary American Church is the strongest or most spiritual among historical churches (certainly not). What I’m saying is that though past generations in church history have certainly seen revival and many amazing men and women of God have lived among those churches it has also been plagued with suffering, deceit, power grabs, racism, hate, and the like. Every generation of faithful Christians have had to battle something different it seems. So, while the church today (specifically in America) has many problems let us not act like the previous generations were absent of them. God wants to mature the church in order to make way for the spotless bride. Let us never settle for yesterday’s portion. Today is upon us and is far sweeter. 


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