Let us never forget the sweetness of solitude. That inner–yearning for the voice of God in the wilderness. The day after day withdrawal to the mountain passes of The Almighty which is food for our souls. True Christians often find loneliness a companion that brings them to interaction with The Lord. It’s a loneliness which is never quite drowned out by the noise of human friendship. May we never forget the blessing and importance of such holy seclusion and may we always follow the way of Jesus, who “often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” (Luke 5:16). 

Call us, God, from the wilderness

Call us, Lord, from the seas

Call us, Father, from the mountains

Bring us, Savior, to our knees


4 comments on “Solitude 

  1. What a SWEET read! My alone time with God is truly better than anytime I spend with earthly ppl! His presence and power visits me and fills the room just as if He were actually standing in front of me in the flesh!…Awesome post!

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