All In?

How can I surrender something to God that he has chosen to give me over a lifetime? Surrendering all cannot be done in a moment but is a constant submission to God throughout life. To use a poker analogy, surrendering could be related to going all in. But life is not a single hand of poker. It is a multitude of hands (a tournament if you will) played with differing chip levels—all with changing odds, different degrees of risks, and played with a variety of people who have their own skill set. One day going all in may have been your only choice. The next day going all in could be a colossal decision because of all the chips you have to lose. Obedience to God is our surrender and going all in is nothing more than putting our chips in the middle everyday for Him. Later days in the faith may mean a lot of chips and early days in the faith may mean just a few but one thing is certain, to be used by God, all the chips must go. 


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