Post Election Prayer

I feel like many (including myself) have been swept up emotionally in the election drama and this is what God spoke to me as I was praying today about it.
I know you are disheartened by the hate you see. I know you look around and see injustice, hypocrisy, and ungodliness at every turn. I know you want so badly to speak out for what you think is right but don’t you think I, too, wanted to speak out while ungodly men spat and hit and mocked me before the Jewish authorities? Don’t you know that I also wanted to defend my honor as I hung humiliated and naked on a cross while criminals hurled insults at me? But speaking out did not win the day that day and it will not win today; obedient silence is the answer. Dear child, change is not found on Facebook or in the news. It is found in your prayer closet. By getting alone with Me and pouring out your soul. If my people cry out to me I will make change. First in their hearts then in the earth. 
I hope this word encourages you as it did me!


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