The “Who” and The “What”

The question was never what. The question was always who. Was Jesus the only one crucified in history? Is he the only martyr? This is certainly not the case. The thing that makes the reality of Christ crucified so impactful is not “what” happened but who it happened to. The God of all creation chose to come down in the form of a man. He allowed himself to be subject to the limitations of the very thing he created. At anytime he could have chose otherwise but in order for our salvation he allowed our wickedness to keep his wounded flesh clasped against the cross. On a lonely hill he cried out to The Father not for his safety, comfort, or ease but that those hands that nailed him down would be cleansed; forgiven. Think about if the President of the United States went into the most dangerous parts of Syria without the secret service and tried to provide aid and shelter for the poor and needy. How shocking would this be? The media would be in a frenzy and that occurrence would go down as the single most courageous and selfless thing that any president has ever attempted. This is only shocking because of “who” would be going to Syria in this situation and not necessarily what is being done. That fictitious scenario is not even close to the powerful message of Christ. God could have sent angels but he drafted himself; God could have made and excuse but he made an example.

Dwell on this today….
The Being that unfolds creation and time like folded piece of paper died and was resurrected so that you and I may commune with him.



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